Largest digital agency in Estonia ADM Interactive
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Our key customers

SEB Bank is the 2nd largest commercial bank in Estonia.

Beginning from 2011 Fenomen is developing SEB's corporate website in Estonia as well as in other Baltic states.
Bisnode is the leading European digital business information provider. Fenomen has created a web solution for creating target groups from Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian companies based on complex criteria.
Marketingi Instituut offers practical and effective trainings where the best estonian experts share their knowledge and experience.

Our task was to create a user friendly and sales oriented website.
Viasat is the biggest sattelite-digitelevison provider in Balticum.

Our task was to create a convenient solution for joining with Viasat packets.
Tiptiptap OÜ is the largest manufacturer and exporter of children's playgrounds in Estonia with resellers in more than 23 countries. Our task was to create a web presence that would differentiate the brand from it’s competitors and help the company to expand internationally.
Sakala Hambaravi's caring attitude and experience have made ​​them friends with their patients. In collaboration, we have thought of different solutions that create added value for the customers.
Ferratum Group operates as a microloan provider in more than 18 countries.

Together, we have created a common content management platform that the company is able to use for it's websites world-wide.
Flex is one of the biggest laptop selling companies in Estonia.

We helped them to figure out their new web concept.
Estonian National Theathre, which is visited by 100,000 viewers a year, has the largest number of audience in Estonia and performs about 500 times a year a.

Fenomen is Estonian National Theathre's long-term partner and has helped to create a new user-fiendly web for all theathre lovers.


SEB Bank is one of Estonia’s leading commercial banks and is part of the SEB Group, which is active in 20 countries. Our cooperation started by consulting SEB when switching to the Drupal platform and continued soon after as a development partner. Working with SEB, in 2011 we started developing the Drupal 7 platform with the goal of implementing it as a common platform in other Baltic countries as well.


Since at the time the project was launched SEB was already using the previously developed Drupal 6 platform, first we carried out an analysis to define the suitability of the existing solutions, the added functionality of the new version of the platform and the clients’ own increased business needs. In developing the new platform we paid special attention to the following:

  • Convenience of use

    To make using the system as convenient as possible for users, we incorporated several additions to the Drupal administrative interface to improve usability and productivity.

  • Universality

    To use the solution as a common platform in different countries, we redesigned the existing functionality to be more abstract and modular so that most of the functionality would be usable in the same way in different countries.

  • Search functionality

    Search functionality The search function plays an important role, since the SEB web environment contains quite a lot of information. To offer users a convenient and versatile search function, we replaced the Drupal standard search module with an Apache Solr-based solution.

The release of the new web solution for SEB took place in summer 2013. It is currently being successfully used in Estonia and Lithuania.


Bisnode Estonia’s new releasable product ( centralises most of the active enterprises in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and enables different target groups to be formed by combining miscellaneous selection conditions. The data for companies that you’re interested in can be downloaded as a txt or csv file and later used to add to the client base, for sales, organising campaigns or marketing purposes.

The goal was to design a competitive web solution for a solution that was already on the market. The new concept was to include all of the positive qualities of the competing products while at the same time offering extra value to the customer with improved usability and functionality.


To develop a suitable solution, we thoroughly analysed the usability and functionalities of the competing product. The results showed that the competing product was too static and did not provide enough feedback regarding selections. Then again, using the competing product was simple, which made developing the creative solution a real challenge.

Working with the client, we designed a web solution that is easy to use, because it assists the user at each step and provides dynamic feedback regarding selections.

The result is the web solution.


The Marketing Institute offers practical and efficient courses where the best practitioners share their knowledge and experience. The previous solution could not reflect this in a reliable way – the content of the web page was difficult to browse, the application was not mobile-friendly and there was no direct focus on selling the courses. Solving these problems was what we bore in mind when creating the new solution.


Together we developed a concept that would make the content easy to browse for the user and also linked, while working towards selling the courses. The new solution is reliable, usable on any device and increases the amount of people subscribing to the newsletter and registering for courses. It also boasts a contemporary design emphasising the unique nature of the environment.


Tiptiptap OÜ is the biggest producer of playgrounds in Estonia, and their products can be found in more than 20 countries. The existing home page was neither mobile-friendly nor convenient for users, who found it difficult to navigate through the large range of products and find those suited to their needs.


The new solution helps the client stand out from their competition and allows users to quickly navigate through products, which are displayed in one view. Information about the products is presented in a more compact overview and the site is optimised for queries. In addition, we created an environment for frequent clients that enables a convenient exchange of information and queries between the sales representative and reseller.


The existing web solution was created more than six years ago, and considering the latest technological advances is now out of date. Also, its complex architecture does not allow the solution to be developed cost effectively any further. The management decided to invest in creating a new web solution that would help achieve the following business goals:

  • improved sales of laptops, tablets and accessories through better usability, cross sales and service
  • higher wholesale numbers by creating a special web environment created for wholesale
  • increase in visitor numbers and conversion through Google’s organic search results
  • less workload for sales staff through the automation of web-based administrative work
  • improvement in warranty and maintenance quality through a specialised web administrative interface
  • developing a measuring system to help analyse web-based and hall sales


To better understand clients’ wishes, we carried out a survey among users of the web page where we defined the pros and cons of the existing page as well as the clients’ expectations of the new web page. Taking into account the results of the survey and past experience, we designed a new web solution prototype for Flex and described in detail the functional and non-functional demands of the infosystem forming the input for graphic design and programming.


Draamateater is the national theatre and attracts the biggest audiences in Estonia. In a single year the theatre stages around 500 shows, entertaining more than 100,000 people. The old website for the theatre was out of date and was not contributing to ticket sales. The visual aspect of the web page was also out of date.


We created a solution that enables clients to find tickets to the shows they want to see faster and more conveniently. We incorporated all of the information that was previously scattered around the site in one view – this way clients can be sure that this is the show they want to see. The new solution is visually refreshing and accentuates the theatre’s aristocratic identity.


Ferratum is active in more than 18 countries as an instant loan provider. Since the company had several web pages in different countries, used different software solutions and lacked a common platform, there was a need to solve this problem through standardisation. Fenomen’s collaboration with Ferratum began in early 2011, when Ferratum came to us with a wish to develop a corresponding Drupal-based platform.


Since the company was using different web environments for different purposes in different countries, we developed a modular, multi-layered Drupal platform that allows micro-, campaign and main sites to be created for a country.

The solution we designed incorporates a uniform design template, the base configuration for the content management system and different modules that are designed to provide each environment with a uniform loan management system and payment and authentication services.


Viasat is part of the leading media group in Europe – the Modern Times Group (MTG). Its channels are broadcast to more than 100 million viewers in 35 countries. Alongside international partners’ channels, Viasat is the largest provider of satellite digital television in the Baltics. Our mission was to create a solution for the region through which visitors could join the service.


Working with the client, we designed a solution that allows visitors to conveniently discover new options, create a package suited to their needs and obtain information about products quickly. In addition, the solution provides a clear overview of Viasat’s range of products. As added value, the new solution decreases the workload of Viasat, allowing visitors to immediately fill in any information needed for the contract.


Sakala dentistry is one of the most innovative and reliable dental clinics in Estonia – but this was not reflected in their existing web solution. The clinic’s previous home page was not user-friendly and clients found it difficult to find the information they needed, which was why the clinic was not gaining many new clients.


Working with the client, we have developed several special solutions that help Sakala stand out from their competitors while at the same time offering clients important features. As a result, we have created a renewed web page where clients can easily check after-payment options, view appointment times and immediately book one. In addition, we have redesigned the web page to highlight the pros of the clinic and optimised the solution sales-wise to achieve the perfect result.


Fenomen Web Agency has a portfolio of 600 Drupal specific projects and our customer base ranges from niche businesses to commercial banks.
Fenomen's core strength is a creative team with fourteen years of software development experience including more than 9 years of Drupal competence.






We consider our target group to be an already active company looking for a long-term associate to assist them in everything from the strategic planning of web solutions to later support.

We will suit your needs if:

  • you are looking for a solution that stands out from the crowd and is fully functional business-wise
  • you appreciate simple, relaxed communication
  • you are willing to actively participate in the process of finding a solution
  • you are already somewhat familiar with the web world

Part of our target group is digital and advertising agencies who are looking for a partner to develop Drupal content management-based web and mobile solutions.

We are competent to work on simple web pages as well as more complicated web-based infosystems. We also create functional marketing concepts and UI and UX design.

  • Strategic analysis of web-based infosystems
  • UI and UX design
  • Corporate web and campaign pages
  • Connecting with external infosystems and public services
  • Developing the infoarchitecture of Drupal-based solutions
  • Mobile applications
  • Web design
  • Copywriting

We also implement Drupal solutions as subcontractors.



  • Drupal Association Supporting Partner
  • Drupal Association Organizational Member
  • Drupal Estonia MTÜ member and founder


  • Drupal Camp Helsinki 2014 Silver
  • Drupal Camp Baltics 2013 Silver
  • Drupal Camp Tallinn 2012 Silver
  • Drupal Camp Baltics 2012 Silver


  • Dharma Heategevusfond
  • Hegert Toomsoo

Important business environment facts about Estonia:

  • Estonia is located in Northern Europe next to Finland, Latvia and Russia and has a population of 1.3 million people..
  • Estonia is a member of European Union, Eurozone, NATO, WTO and ranks high in measurements of economic freedom, education and human development.
  • Estonia has a very strong IT sector, is considered to be one of the most wired countries in Europe and a leader in e-Governance.
  • Estonia is home to the NATO Cyber Defence Centre, EU Agency for large-scale IT systems and many successful startups, among them, Skype.
  • Estonia has a stable political and economical environment and is one of the safest places to do business in CEE.

For additional facts about Estonia visit website.



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Tel: +372 657 5365

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Kaks Eesti digiagentuuride valdkonna liidrit panid seljad kokku, et laieneda edukamalt välisturgudele ja pakkuda paremat teenustevalikut ka oma klientidele koduturul. Koos tegutsetakse edasi nime all ADM interactive Kultuurikatlas asuvas kontoris.

Eesti tippagentuurid ADM ja Fenomen on tegutsenud tõusvas joones. ADM on tugeva arendusmeeskonnaga täisteenust pakkuv digiagentuur, kus on praegu 45 töötajat. Ettevõtte 2015. aasta müügitulu oli 2,5 miljonit eurot. Fenomenis töötab 18 inimest ja ettevõtte 2015. aasta müügitulu oli 500 000 eurot.

“Fenomeniga liitumine toob meile juurde tublisti võimekust iseteeninduskeskkondade, e-kommertsi ja veebipõhiste erilahenduste arenduse meeskonda,” ütles ADM-i tegevjuht Riho Pihelpuu. “Eesti Drupali-kogukonna eestvedajana on Fenomeni meeskonnal väga kõva kogemus. Samuti kasvab meie võimekus teenindada just Drupali eelistusega avaliku sektori kliente.”

“Fenomeni vaatevinklist võimaldab liitumine kiiremini kasvada välisturgudel, kus ADM-il on head suhted ja kust juba praegu tuleb üle poole ADM-i müügitulust. Lisaks annab ADM-i strateegiline ja e-turunduse kogemus meile võimaluse pakkuda oma praegustele klientidele mahukamat teenuseportfelli,” märkis Fenomeni tegevjuht Rain Benrot.

Liitumise käigus täieneb ka ADM-i juhtkond ja omanikering. „Uuteks partneriteks saavad nii liituva ettevõtte juhid kui ka praegused ADM-i äriliinide juhid. Arvestades ADM-i järgmiste aastate arengukava, on võtmetöötajate kaasamine väga oluline,“ ütles ADM-i nõukogu esimees Jaak Ennuste.

Liitumise järel jätkab ADM viie peamise äriliiniga:

  • E-kommertsilahenduste arendus ja kampaaniad
  • Veebiväljundiga infosüsteemide, iseteeninduste ja veebilehtede arendus (Drupal, Wordpress ja erilahendused)
  • Digitaalmeedia planeerimine ja analüüs ning kampaanialahenduste tootmine
  • Kasutajakogemuse ja kasutajaliideste disain
  • Veebilahenduste pilvepõhine (Amazon/Google) Managed Cloud Hosting teenus, erinõuete ja/või suuremate koormuste ja andmemahtudega klientidele

“Alustasime ühise visiooni loomist juba 2015. aasta kevadel,” ütles Pihelpuu. “Fenomen on Eesti tugevaim Drupali arendaja, kellega oleme ühiselt projekte teinud juba mitu aastat. Ühel hetkel leidsime, et meie mõlema visioon ja väärtused on sarnased ja tekkis idee oma tugevused ühendada.”

Fenomeni suuremad kliendid on SEB, Bisnode Estonia, Rahandusministeerium, Tartu Ülikool, Eesti Post (Omniva), Lux Express, SWECO. ADM-i võtmekliendid on Hewlett-Packard, Amnesty International, Unilever, Coca-Cola Baltic, G4S Eesti, Ühisteenused, Rademar, EAS, Sertifitseerimiskeskus ja loovagentuurid Age McCann ning D/V/S/ON.

Fenomeni baasil tekib ADMi uus Drupali’le spetsialiseerunud üksus, millega liidetakse ka ADMi senised Drupali spetsialistid. Nüüdsest oleme koos ADMiga regiooni suurim Drupali kompetentsikeskus.

Kuniks liitumisprotsessi juriidilised sammud on lõpuni jõudnud jätkub Fenomeni (Awerk-Data OÜ) klientide teenindamine Awerk-Data OÜ’alt. Alates tänasest saame kõikidele klientidele pakkuda integreeritult ühtse protsessina meie tavapärase teenusega ka digikommunikatsiooni ja e-turunduse täisteenust, alustades teenuse disaini ja digiäri strateegiaga ning lõpetades digimeedia kampaaniatega.

Tulge meile külla, meie uueks aadressiks on Kultuurikatel, Põhja puiestee 27a, Tallinn.

Rain Benrot
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